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Gay Life in Cambodia ﻬ
The percentage of Cambodians who identify themselves as gay or lesbian is probably just about the same as it is in the rest of the world. Unlike in other countries, "gay" is not a lifestyle in Cambodia, although that is changing. Gay men still marry and have children because of cultural tradition and because they want someone to take care of them when they are old. Gay and lesbian visitors feel comfortable in Cambodia because most people are non-judgmental Buddhists, to whom someone else's private life is of little interest.

Cambodia's best gay nightlife is in Phnom Penh, where there are six gay bars (including one that attracts drag queens) the last time we counted. There are also several large discos that attract a very large gay clientele. Siem Reap is far quieter. Nightspots there are very mixed. Local gays in Siem Reap enjoy two after-hours places that are off the tourist radar, and appear to account for as much as a third of the clientele.

Cambodia has a small but very active pride organization located in Phnom Penh.

More information about gay life in Cambodia appears in the "before you go" information we provide customers about to travel with us to Cambodia.

Planning Your Holiday ﻬ
Cambodia Gay Tour offers all-inclusive travel programs and unique side trips designed to help first-time visitors get acquainted with incredible Cambodia. Creating the the perfect adventure could not be easier! Our programs are all modular. Choose a destination and arrive any day. Add any extra sightseeing you like and your trip is tailor-made to suit your own schedule, tastes and budget. Your private tour includes personal guides, so you'll never be herded around on a bus with 40 strangers. Although we have already chosen the optimum amount of time to visit each place you can extend your stay in any of our destinations.

Before your trip we will give you extensive "Before You Go" information that includes tips about packing, weather, money, shopping, food, travel practicalities and local culture that will help you enjoy a worry-free holiday.