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Brief History Period Event

- 1st century  AD Nokor Phnom period , influenced by indian civilization (customs traditions religions)

-6th to 8th century AD Chenla period, split into two regions.

-9th to 13th century AD Angkor period. They built a lot of monuments with the decoration of Apsara.

For example Angkor wat Angkor Thom, Bayon ...etc.

-1432: Khmer give up Angkor moved their to phnom penh .

-1516-1564: moved their to longvek .

-Mid 19th century Cambodia became the French protectorate.

-1863: Oudong Treaty –khmer king deprived of some rights of ruling .

-1884: Phnom Penh Treaty-khmer king was threatened and forced to accept the French protectorate. Cambodia was under the full control of the French unstill 1953.

-Early 20th century: French general-governor send to indo china office based in Hanoi and designated to rule 5countries (Tongkin , Annam , Cochin chine , Cambodia , and Laos .)

-1939 to 1945: World War II. Japanese forces came to rule indo china replaced French rulers.

-1946: War ended French administrators re-occupied indo china and implemented new ruling system.

-1949: Frech-khmer -treaty.

-1953: Cambodian gained full independence.

-1955: King Sihanouk became Prime Minister.

-1969: Vietnam War spilled into Cambodia.

-1970: Coup against the Khmer led by Lon Nol.

-1975 to 1979: Khmer rebels took Cambodia and named Pol Pot leader. Khmer Rouge terrorized the country and more a million people were killed.

-1979: Vietnam army toppled the Khmer Rouge regime.

-1983: Sihanouk `s son Prince Norodom  Ranarith  returned to lead rebel faction against the Communist Government.

-1993: First election led to the Prime Ministers sharing power.

-1997: In-fighting among two ruling parties' forces. Hun Sen ousted Ranarith.

-1998: second election.

-2003: third election.

-C -P-P claimed victory the political situation has been stable.

-The official name of the country today is The Kingdom of Cambodia.